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by Larry Emmott on May 5, 2009

in Software

Dentrix-G2-QBIn the G series of Dentrix there is no limit to the number of “Quick Buttons” you can create and put on the chart. This is GREAT but wait a minute. How many do you actually want?

The idea of using a Quick Button is that is a very fast way to enter a common procedure or series of procedures. So if you have a great big huge bunch of the darn things it won’t be so quick.

As a general rule you should limit your Quick Buttons to around 30.

It is also a good idea to have a Quick Button for procedures you may not perform but that you will see a lot as existing. The obvious example is amalgam fillings. Even if you rarely do one you will still see a lot as existings and with an amalgam Quick Button you can easily chart existing restorations.

Another tip. With G4 you can save multiple Quick Button sets which can then be accessed from any computer on the network. (This is a big chance from previous versions). Using this feature you could create a set of buttons for charting conditions and existing restorations. A set of buttons for treatment planning and a set for hygiene. Then when you are working in that area simply choose that button set.

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