Dentrix G3

Dentrix is introducing G3 at Chicago this week. The Dentrix site does not yet have any details but the following was posted previously. More details when they are available.

What’s next
The next upgrade will focus on the Family File, which includes changing the user interface for improved usability, as well as adding entirely new features. The source for new features, of course, comes from our customers.
Every month Dentrix Dental Systems fields hundreds of user enhancement requests from customers around the country. Each request is carefully entered into a specialized database application, which groups similar requests together and produces reports that suggest where the biggest needs for improvements or additions are required. Analysts and programmers then plan how to incorporate the biggest needs into future upgrades. DENTRIX G2, for example, incorporates more than 3,200 user enhancement requests.
We must admit that changing market conditions and customer needs may mean changes to the plan.

Dentrix Dental Systems.