Dentrix G5 Shipping

Dentrix has started shipping their newest version G5 to a limited number of users. The “Official” release is scheduled for the Hinman meeting in Atlanta March 22-24. However by starting now with limited numbers they can ensure tech support for users installing the new version and catch and fix any unforeseen bugs before general distribution. That’s a good thing šŸ™‚

Dental Software – Dentrix.

A short list of G5 enhancements includes:

  • Electronic Explanation of Benefits (eEOB) lets practices receive, review and automatically record remittance advice in the Dentrix Ledger.
  • eClaims Attachment Notifications warn users to include attachments on insurance claims for carriers that require them, reducing rejected or delayed claims.
  • The new Screen Capture utility lets users drag over any part of the visible screen to create a new document and save it to the Document Center.Ā  This is especially useful for creating claims attachments.
  • Sequentially Numbered Daysheets record each time the Daysheet is printed or previewed.Ā  When combined with logon passwords it creates a gapless record that shows who has accessed the Daysheet and when.
  • Dentrix Dentalink is a new add-on feature that provides secure instant messaging, letting users easily communicate throughout the office with minimal disruption to patient care and workflow.
  • The new Dentrix Mobile upgrade is an add-on product that presents an improved interface designed specifically for Apple iPad and Motorola Xoom tablet users.

More to come.

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