Dentrix Users it is OK to Upgrade

If you are a Dentrix user who has been scared off from upgrading to the newest version (G3) there is really no good reason not to up grade (well maybe there is one good reason, see below) but there are lots of good reasons to upgrade.

What’s new in G3:

  • On-line Patient Questionnaires (with eCentral your patients can complete on-line)
  • Re-tooled Document Center (yes you can attach a pdf file, and more!)
  • Integrated Patient Education (with Guru… actually ships with Guru player and standard library)
  • Re-designed Perio Chart (more modern look, more flexibility)
  • And about 396 other features and enhancements (more than 4,000 different user enhancement requests were satisfied with this upgrade)
  • Lab testing shows the chart is 33% faster than the DENTRIX G2 chart, which is good news

The only reason you may want to wait is that G3 requires good up to date computers. If your hardware is out of date, that is four or more years old, then you should upgrade the hardware first. But that is not really an excuse to not go to G3 it is just another good reason to keep your hardware up to date.