Microsoft Windows 10 Review & Rating

Windows-10-logoFrom PCMag:

The Anniversary Update, while not in any way an overhaul, adds impressive capabilities and helpful design updates, many of which were prompted by a tremendous amount of user feedback.

Source: Microsoft Windows 10 Review & Rating |

The linked article has a long list of Win 10 features any user should know. Worth a read.

It also states that Win 10 has the fastest adoption of any Windows product and the highest user satisfaction. This brought a smile to my face as Microsoft has become notorious for forcing the Win 10 upgrade on customers. Never the less the time has come for dentists to upgrade.

However be sure and check to see if your dental specific software will work with Win 10. Some dental applications were slow to accommodate the change from Win 7 to 8 and now to 10. If you have an older version of your software you may need to upgrade to the latest version in order to take advantage of  or even use Win 10. For example if you are still running Dentrix G4 you will have issues. If you are using G6 no problems.

Microsoft has stated that the free upgrade to Win 10 will expire on July 29. After that date the upgrade to pro will cost you $199.

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