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Who Should Know What About Dental Practice Management Software?

train3In case you missed it: This Dentalcompare article from May gives some guidelines in software training and use:

There are six distinct areas the doctor and staff need to understand in order to use practice management software effectively, but not every member of the staff needs to have the same level of expertise in each of these areas…

The six areas of the software are:

  1. General Use of the Software: This includes how to open it, how to find a patient, how to find a specific procedure or appointment.
  2. Charting: That is entering treatment, creating treatment plans and entering procedure notes. Charting also includes linking to diagnostic aids such as radiographs, photos and perio pocket charting.
  3. Finance: This includes making an estimate, creating and sending insurance claims, billing, and entering payments.
  4. Scheduling: This encompasses creating new appointments and finding existing appointments.
  5. Communications: This covers maintaining patient contact and insurance information, as well as sending correspondence, insurance, re-call and confirmations.
  6. Administration: Compiling numbers, running reports and maintaining security.

So which members of the team need to know about which of these six areas? It breaks down in this way:

via Emmott On Technology: Who Knows What About Dental Practice Management Software? |

Insufficient training is one of the primary mistakes dentists make with technology. Training is not a onetime event but should be a continuous process to improve your use of your systems, keep up with changes and train new team members.

You should have technology training sessions at least once a year. However as the article discusses every team member does not need to know everything. On the other hand there are areas each should master.

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