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Re-Activate for Year End

practiceActivatorActionRun helps dentists improve marketing results by providing cloud-based patient communication services for New, Active, and Unresponsive Patients. Our communication services go much further than simple email, text, or voice reminder solutions.

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ActionRun is one of my favorite e-services, especially the re-activation application. It not only contacts patients who are overdue but examines their clinical records and creates personalized messages.

Year end is a great time to re-activate old patients. Get them back on track for the new year.

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Do our older patients need more dental work?

The correct answer to this question could affect all kinds of things we do in the dental office; from the supplies we order to the services we provide even to our office location. However, prior to the use of digital technology, getting answers to these simple questions was tedious, expensive and unreliable. As a result we would just guess. Sure, we’d say to ourselves, it seems to me my older patients need more work; but do they really?

This is another great example of how we can get accurate answers to these questions quickly and easily as a byproduct of doing business using a computer. No more guessing.  These numbers were generated by “ActionRun” a unique e-service that finds and re-activates patients.

So; do older patients need more dental work? The answer will probably surprise you.

If patients maintain a recommended re-call process and visit the dentist every six to twelve months the amount of money spent per dental appointment is essentially the same for twenty year olds, forty year olds and even sixty year olds.

However if a patient slips out of re-care and fails to see the dentist for two years the money spent per dental appointment by sixty year olds is more than double that spent by twenty somethings. In fact the cost per visit starts increasing sharply at about age forty. See the chart below for more detail.

I believe there are two lessons to be learned from these numbers.

  1. Prevention does pay. Keeping patients in a good re-care program keeps costs down.
  2. When patients, especially patients over forty become inactive they are likely to develop dental problems and if we can find and re-activate those people it will improve their dental health and bring additional income to the office.

(NOTE: This data is representative however as we get more data input we are finding other variables will effect the outcome. More to come)

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Surveillance Changes Behavior

504x_laptop_thiefFrom NYT, interesting:

The savings from the theft alerts themselves were modest, $108 a week per restaurant. However, after installing the monitoring software, the revenue per restaurant increased by an average of $2,982 a week, or about 7 percent.

The impact, the researchers say, came not from firing workers engaged in theft, but mostly from their changed behavior.

via How Surveillance Changes Behavior: A Restaurant Workers Case Study –

When people know they are being watched they don’t cheat and steal as much…amazing.

I expect it would be the same in our dental offices. If the staff knows we are checking the books looking for fraud and embezzlement they will be less likely to take advantage of us.

This should be a significant benefit of using something like Practice Safeguard an online service that examines your office data for signs of fraud. Even if Practice Safeguard does not detect an actual incidence of fraud it is likely to save us money simply as a deterrent.

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Digital Workflow with No Humans Involved

digitalcloudWork flow tasks with digital data often do not need a person of any kind. For instance making reminder calls, reactivating non-compliant patients, sending bills or getting insurance information can be done in the cloud as an e-service.

For example; your office computer has the digital information. That is a patient name, an appointment date, a scheduled treatment, the insurer and plan number. An e-service extracts the pertinent information from your local computer, contacts the appropriate insurance computer through the Internet and extracts the pertinent data from the insurance computer. That is; is this patient covered for this treatment and what is the coverage?

The e-service, like Dentrix eCentral, will then go back to your local office computer and download the information. The e-service can even insert the data in the proper charts and appointments. So every day you can look ahead to the next day or several days in advance and know who and what is covered with no staff time, 800 numbers or music on hold.

Action Run is an online e-service that contacts and re-activates non-responsive patients.

The service examines records and discovers patients who have not been seen in a couple of years or who may have uncompleted treatment plans and sends custom tailored messages to those people

The computer tracks the responses and learns what works and what doesn’t and modifies its search and response tactics as a result. This is a type of artificial intelligence called a self-learning system. And like most e-services it is automatic, all your office staff needs to do is answer the phone when the patient calls to schedule.

With e-services dental team members are free to interact with patients, building a strong relationship based practice. What allows them to build these relationships is technology and the Internet using e-services. Rather than being impersonal and dehumanizing (as it is often portrayed) good technology and e-services actually strengthen relationship.

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Manage Your Online Reputation

From one of my favorite companies Action Run.

Let’s face it, your online reviews can attract new patients, or send them to the competition. The ActionRun Stellar Reputation Management service finds your happy patients and delivers their stellar reviews right on Google.

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What first attracted me to Action Run was their use of artificial intelligence (AI) systems to search your patient data base to find people in need of service. Now they are using the same technology to find “happy patients”. Once the happy patient is confirmed they are linked to Google to write an online review.

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I will be presenting a free webinar on e-services Thursday (Aug 25) at noon (West Coast Time) and again at 10:00  Friday morning. The programs are sponsored by Action Run. For information and registration Just Click:

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