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Thirty Inch Monitor

A 30 inch monitor!!! This is the kind of thing that just gets my geeky heart all atwitter. Just think about the WOW factor as you zoom in on a poor defenseless bitewing and suddenly display the image at a┬ázillion times life size. You’d be a diagnostic ninja master.

You deserve this…your patients desrve this. It will make you a better dentist…it would be wrong not to have one. See how easy it is to justify. What’s a mere $1500 when compared to the dental health of the entire western hemisphere. And besides…it is just so cool.

The latest addition to this elite family of displays, the UltraSharp U3011 ($1,499 direct), continues the trend, combining outstanding performance with a generous selection of ports and features. You’ll need deep pockets to afford this beauty,

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