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Mobile Case Study

Take a wild guess. That is the way most of us have determined which communication or marketing plans were most effective. Now with digital marketing and the Internet everything can be easily tracked. You can determine which communication methods actually work and which are ignored without tying up hours of staff time and spending scads of cash.

Here is a great example from Sesame Communications.

According to Adweek consumers with children spend over six hours a day looking for information using a mobile device. Consumers with children are an orthodontists dream. So Dr. Jeff Seymour an orthodontist from Florida set up a Sesame mobile website. A mobile website delivers only the most relevant data to patients in a manner that loads quickly and is easy to read on a mobile device.

How did it work? With digital data there is no guessing; Sesame can easily track how many people visit the site where they come from and all the rest. Some of the results are remarkable.

  • Two thirds or 66% of patients viewing the mobile site were sent from Google.
  • Over three fourths 76.9% of the page views were unique individuals.
  • Best of all, website views using a mobile device tripled over a five month period.

For more information on mobile web sites look here.

To connect directly with Sesame for a free Internet effectiveness evaluation look here.

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Keepin’ it Real

More good advice on effectively using a web site from TNT Dental. The article linked below has details.

Holly Buchanan of Future Now tells us that testimonials hurt your marketing strategy if people don’t think they’re real.

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