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Putting Operatory Monitors in Their Place

icw1In case you missed it: Dentalcompare from August:

A second much better solution is multiple monitors. The private practice monitor is placed at the 12 to 2 o’clock position behind the patient for the assistant and the public patient monitor is placed at 5 or 9 o’clock for the patient and dentist.

…Dual monitors allow the user to have two monitors showing completely different things. This is done by extending the desktop. That means you can view different windows, such as a chart behind the patient on the practice monitor and patient education in front on the patient monitor. However, a drawback to this set up is that you cannot input data simultaneously in both monitors. One computer is running both screens so there is still only one active window even though there are two monitors.

via Emmott On Technology: Putting Operatory Computer Monitors in Their Place |

Getting computers in the treatment area is a great first step. However if they are not placed in a way that makes them easy to use they don’t get used and the time and investment is wasted.

I am not a fan of monitors or TVs in the ceiling. They are very hard to upgrade, are by definition fixed in one spot and can only be used by patients lying flat on their back. The dentist cannot easily see it to show stuff to a patient. Patient monitors should be much much more than entertainment and when they are stuck in the ceiling they lose all the other options. Including as an x-ray view box for the treating dentist.

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Placing computer monitors in the treatment rooms so that both the patient and the dental team can use them is a challenge. If your dental chair/unit has a light pole the obvious solution is a pole mount. These work, however they are less stable than wall or ceiling mounts. Every time the light or chair is moved the monitor can shift. They are also often in the way when seating or dismissing the patient. The dentist may not be able to reach the monitor or will have to reach way across the patient to get it.

There are pole mounts from general supply companies like ICW and Ergotron, or from dental equipment manufacturers. I will leave it to experienced dental shoppers to figure out which is the most expensive.

For more help with computer hardware and where to put it check this out:

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Dental mounting systems from ICW

One of the best resources for accessories and mounts for computers, monitors and such in the dental office.

Dental mounting systems from ICW.