Diagnostics Radiography

Cone Beam Texts

Here is a sugested reading list if you want to learn more about Cone Beam CT. The list is from the Dental Imaging Center.

“Radiographic Cepalometry: From Basics to 3-D Imaging”. Alexander Jacobson, Richard Jacobson. 2nd Edition. Quintessence Publishing. ISBN (0-86715-461-6).

“Cone Beam Computed Tomography”. Allan Farman, William Scarfe. 1st Edition. Springer Publishing. ISBN (978-3540493594). Due to be published in Jan. 2010.

“Dental Applications of Computerized Tomography: Surgical Planning for Implant Placement”. Stephen Rothman. 1st Edition. Quintessence Publishing. ISBN (978-0867153385).

“Oral Radiology: Principles and Interpretation”. Stuart White, Michael Pharoah. 5th Edition. Mosby Publishing. ISBN (978-0323020015).

“Three-Dimensional Cephalometry”. G. Swennen, F. Schutyser, J. Hausamen. 1st Edition. Springer Publishing. ISBN (978-3540254409).

“Cone-beam Volumetric Imaging in Dental, Oral and Maxillofacial Medicine: Fundamentals, Diagnostics and Treatment Planning”. J. Zoller. 1st Edition. Quintessence Publishing. ISBN (978-1850971689)

“Color Atlas of Cone Beam Volumetric Imaging for Dental Applications”. Dale Miles. 1st Edition. Quintessence Publishing. ISBN (978-0867154818).

“Bolton Standards of Dentofacial Developmental Growth”. B. Broadbent Sr., B. Broadbent Jr., W. Golden. 1975. Mosby Publishing. ISBN (0-8016-0787-6). Out of Print.

General Theraputics

CAD-CAM is all about the Training

CAD CAM is an amazing technology. It provides a better therapeutic result for patients, it reduces chair time and associated costs. On the other hand it is not a simple or easy technology to implement.

Inevitably those dental offices who are getting the most out of a CAD CAM investment have invested the most in training. Just last week I spoke to a dentist who confirmed that his use of CAD CAM and as a result his return on the considerable investment really took off once he pushed past the initial learning curve and took some advanced courses.

For CEREC users there are many excellent training centers. On of the best is here, in my neighborhood, at the Scottsdale Center. The link below is to some of the advanced CEREC courses they offer.

CEREC Courses at Scottsdale Center for Dentistry.


5 Simple Ways You Can Go Paperless

This article from American Express has some very good advice. One I had not heard about before is # 4 EchoSign for online forms and signatures.

Sometimes, it’s just that old habits die hard.

However, there are software solutions to some old paper problems that don’t require the network infrastructure of a large corporation. And making a small technology investment now could save your business a bundle long-term — not to mention reducing its wasteful reliance on paper products.

via 5 Simple Ways Your Small Business Can Go Paperless : Technology :: American Express OPEN Forum.