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The Word on Creating and Using Strong Passwords

Dentalcompare article. Security and passwords.

Envision an assistant seating a pig in your dental chair. Can you see that in your mind’s eye? That is the secret to keeping your dental records secure

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Yankee Lectures Feb 1

I am looking forward to presenting two lectures on  Paperless Records and Using the Internet at the Yankee meeting Friday February 1:

8:00 am 

Using the Internet Effectively

The course will review how the Internet has had and will continue to have a more profound effect on the world in which we live than any other technological advancement of the past century, including cars, planes, electronics, telecommunications, and all the rest. It will affect our lives in ways we cannot yet even imagine.

Learning Objectives:
›› Review the reasons to have an office web page
›› Learn to protect your online reputation Use the Internet to support existing patients
›› Discuss four ways to drive traffic to your web page
›› Understand social media and how it works

1:00 pm

The Paperless Office

This course will discuss how it is possible to create a completely paperless dental record. Attendees will learn that going paperless can save you tens of thousands of dollars.

Learning Objectives:
›› Improve record keeping with digital technology
›› Discover how to avoid high-tech mistakes
›› Discuss how to reduce costs, making care more accessible
›› Learn about new digital diagnostic devices for perio and caries
›› Review how to keep patient records safe, secure, and up-to-date
›› Understand how to use the Internet for professional communications

Plus: I will be presenting two hands on sessions with the help of Sesame Communications the day before Jan 31.

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National Speakers Association – Arizona!

WOW, This is very flattering. I am the featured professional speaker on the NSA AZ home page.

Featured Professional: Larry Emmott

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Tahoe Meeting September 28-29

I will be presenting to the California Pedodontic Research Conference on Digital Technology in Dentistry on September 28 and 29. This prestigious group has been meeting every year for 62 years and I am honored to part of their program. Plus the meeting is at Fallen Leaf by beautiful Lake Tahoe.

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Webinar Tomorrow July 26: Workflow is Data Flow

Much of the work of a dental office revolves around creating, adding to, storing, retrieving and moving around dental records. The records, including chart notes, diagnostics, financial and schedules are the critical data of a dental office. When the data is on paper it can only be in one place at a time so we assign work to a specific place (like a front desk) and a specific person to that place.

With paperless (digital) records, work flow changes radically, it can now be described in terms of tasks not places. This has been called Front Desklessness.

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NSA Meeting

Just got back from a wonderful NSA (National Speakers Association) meeting in Indianapolis. I picked up a lot of great content that will help me be a better presenter. I also got to see and learn from some of the best speakers on the planet. They were easy to listen to, funny and inspirational.

I also enjoyed the city of Indianapolis. Nice downtown, interesting mix of architecture, the soldier’s sailor’s war memorial is awesome and some nice parks. Not to mention they have this big ole racetrack.

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The High Tech Power Practice

I will be presenting a half day program at the Yankee Dental Congress January 28, 2012

Everyday dentists are faced with remarkable new high tech products that do everything from finding caries to making a crown. Digital technology is revolutionizing every aspect of dental practice including how we make clinical decisions and how we communicate. A great high tech digital office will never happen just by accident. Planning starts with the essentials for the doctor and the team. That is, knowing what to buy, how to use it, and how to make it all pay off.

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ADA News Article

The current edition of the ADA News has an article on the LOC. That is the lectures series set right on the exhibit floor. It is a really great article because it has a picture of me!! 🙂
Article here:

Paperless Software

Basic Paperless Records Questions

Lorne Lavine has worked with over 1800 dental practices helping them choose and set up good technology systems. Here are five questions he suggests you ask your Practice Management Software Provider.

  • What training options are available for the software?
  • How do you handle data conversions?
  • What are your support hours and how many support people work for you?
  • How often and how do you update the software?
  • Do I have to buy all my hardware and networking through you?
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Wilmington Delaware March 11

I will be presenting an all day meeting for the Delaware State Dental Society on March 11 in Wilmington. The primary topic will be going paperless with lots of Internet and digital communications as well. For more information: Delaware Meeting

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Technology on the Rocks Next Week!

Dr. Michael Seip

I am getting excited.

 More Information:


Time is Running out for 2010 Technology on the Rocks

Are you looking for a Great CE Vacation?

June 3-5…just a few weeks away!!

Join Dr. Larry Emmott, the nation’s top dental computer technology expert, on this three-day, high-intensity CE-Vacation program. Each day, Dr. Emmott will lead a mountain biking group in the morning and a seminar in the afternoon. For nonbikers, Sedona offers lots of fabulous options like shopping, golf, ancient cliff dwellings and Jeep rides. He will give you the tools you need to make wise technology choices, saving you time and thousands of dollars. Plus, you’ll learn in one of the West’s most beautiful places – Sedona, Arizona.

Click on the link below to register.

Register Now!

For more information you can contact me at the address below or look here for all the details; including photos, videos, Sedona links, hotel Information, a biker package, the program agenda and more.

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Technology on the Rocks 2010

Technology on the Rocks my three day CE vacation event in Sedona AZ is scheduled for June 3-5. That is the weekend after Memorial Day. Follow the link below for details, photos, video and to sign up.

The seminar portion of the meeting consists of three four hour sessions each afternoon. That’s a total of twelve hours. Topics include all aspects of using technology in the dental office including both clinical and management CE credits. The newest topics are using the Internet, Google and social media. But the best part is Sedona itself.

Sedona is truly one of nature’s special places its remarkable beauty and awesome trails are legendary. In order to take full advantage of what Sedona has to offer the program will provide plenty of free time for sight seeing, hiking, shopping, an  archaeology tour of ancient cliff dwellings, jeep tours and special group mountain biking adventures.

Each day I will lead a group of mountain bikers on a ride on one of the areas best trails. Sedona is an amazing mountain biking experience. We promise a great adventure with awesome trails.

BTW there are photos from previous years on the EOT Facebook Fanpage.

Technology on the Rocks.

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Pacific Dental Conference April 15-17

I will be presenting three sessions in Vancouver at the Pacific Dental Conference, details here:

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New Orleans Dental Conference

I will be presenting two sessions in the wonderful city of New Orleans at their annual conference April 8-10. Details here: