Anti-Buzz General Hardware

The Anti-Buzz: Smarter not Faster

Hello and welcome to the Anti-Buzz!

The buzz: Computers are useless.

The anti-buzz: Computers are fantastic.

Why: Because I said so.

OK That’s a bit of a joke but it demonstrates the idea.  Every topic I discuss will be introduced as buzz vs. anti -buzz and the “why” gets expanded out into the meat of the column. Some weeks I might cover several topics, others I might stick to just one.

I am Andrew Emmott, Dr. Larry Emmott’s son. My father has been promoting the use of computing technology in the dental office since the early 90s when many people his age dismissed the information age as fantasy. I am surely no dentist, what I am is a Computer Science student and Research Assistant.

The purpose of the Anti-Buzz is to demystify the hype surrounding computing or digital technologies dentists use, and offer a more practical assessment of what is and is not necessary. The hope is that my high-level knowledge of computing coupled with my neutrality as a non-dentist will provide value and help dentists make good technology choices.

This week’s topic is a little generic, but having already spent some time introducing myself, I thought a good place to start would be to advocate a position that will underwrite most other advice I give here. So, here it goes.

The buzz: You need the newest and best system available.

The anti-buzz: You can do just fine with something that is cheaper or, (blasphemy), old.

Why: The needs of the typical user and business are eclipsed by what is available.