Kiosk Check In for Dental Practice Management

One of the most unappealing yet universal dental practice management techniques is the sign in sheet. Virtually every management consultant advises offices not to use a sign in sheet and yet we still find them all the time.

Of course the reason offices use them is they do in fact serve a purpose. On the other hand, as all the consultants point out, they are impersonal and convey a host of negative images.

Technology to the rescue. The sign in Kiosk is a high tech solution to this dilemma. Rather than signing in on a raggedy ole’ clip board patients can announce their presence by signing in digitally. The kiosk then alerts the staff that the patient is there. But there is more.

The patient can also use the kiosk to enter any information. That is they can update their medical history, enter a new e-mail address or updated insurance information. The data goes directly the digital patient record with no wasted staff time doing the data entry.

The Kiosk is also private. A patient cannot use it to access anyone else’s information or to start surfing the net.

For a complete case study look here:

The links below go to two dental practice management systems with Kiosk capability, XL Dent and Dentrix.

XL Dent