Digital Marketing Mobile

Mobile Dental Websites

According to Sesame Communications:

Moms with kids spend, on average, 6.1 hours per day seeking information online using their smartphones.

With that in mind grab your smart phone and look up your practice:

Was it easy to find your practice? That is do you show up on maps or search or can the prospective patient only find you by typing in a specific URL?

Prospective patients are looking for specific information in order to make a decision about your practice:

  • Doctor details
  • Staff Profiles
  • Phone link
  • Location and directions

How easy is it for a searcher to find these specific items? How long does it take? If these things are hard to find you will most likely lose a prospective new patient. It is not enough to have a web site, the web site needs to be easy to find, it needs to have clear navigation that leads to the important features patients look for when choosing a new dentist and it needs to be optimized for mobile devices.