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3D Faxing: The Natural Evolution of 3D Printing?

From Mashable (Video)

We’ve already heard a lot about 3D printing. But what about 3D faxing?

The technology startup AIO Robotics is planning to create an all-in-one 3D printer, scanner, copier and fax machine.

via 3D Faxing: The Natural Evolution of 3D Printing? [VIDEO].

This seems to be the final step in completely digitizing dental lab procedures. If the clinical or technological circumstances require a technician to fabricate the bridge, denture, partial, space maintainer, or ortho appliance you can send the digital impressions to a lab, have the technician digitally design the appliance, fax it to your office and it will be fabricated by a 3D printer.

In essence you can do this now in a limited way. You can have a remote technician help design a CAD CAM crown and then have it milled on your local machine.

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