Cad Cam for Everyone

APOLLOSirona announced a new line up of CEREC digital impression and milling systems that offers a wide range of options for everyone from the hesitant beginner to the all out power user. At the entry level US dentists can now purchase an impression only system called the Apollo DI at a suggested retail price of $19,750. This system will not connect to an in office milling unit but can only be used to send impressions to a lab.

Next up is the basic single unit BlueCam and MC milling Chamber. This combination, which is designed just for single units, retails for $79,995. The majority of indirect restorations done in most offices are single units so even though this system is basic it will be great for a lot of dentists.

A step up from here is the fill color streaming powderless Omnicam. It can be combined with the MC for $109,995 or the more advanced MC X for $129,995. The MC X can mill bridges and implant guides in addition to single unit crowns, onlays and veneers.

Dentists still hesitate at the cost of in office CAD CAM however the ROI has been well established. Depending on your fees and lab costs you can pay for a CEREC system doing only nine units a month.

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The monthly maintenance charge should also be quoted so one has a more accurate cost for comparison.

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