CAD CAM for Treatment Planning

Dental practice

What do you call a virtual wax up done with a computer instead of a plaster model and actual melted wax? How about a Vax Up? Or maybe a  DDRAP, (digital dental  restoration alternative proposal). Whatever you call it mocking up treatment on a digital model in the computer is faster cheaper and more efficient than stone models. (at least it is cheaper per mock up, the impression scanners and software are still pretty pricey.)

Conventional wax mock-ups take a skilled technician hours to complete and once it is ready that’s it, there is only one option. If the results aren’t what was intended changes are limited and time consuming. However, with the computer-assisted Vax Ups multiple try-ins can be produced simultaneously. They can even be manufactured and tried in on the actual patient one after the other  using a 3-D printer.

The patient and the dentist can evaluate the occlusion, the facial contours, lip support, smile line, size and contour, vertical dimensions, freeway space and all the other subtle but critical elements needed for an excellent restorative result before committing to a final restoration.

CAD CAM systems are so expensive and exotic we naturally think of their output as expensive and exotic. The fact is that digital systems allow for high precision outputs produced so quickly and cheaply that they are essentially disposable.

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