Planmeca Partners with E4D

Planmeca the giant Finnish dental equipment company known for elegant design and quality engineering has taken a major position in E4D the Dallas based digital impression and CAD CAM company.

The E4d systems will be re-branded as PlanScan and PlanMill.

The new arrangement will allow better integration with other Planmeca digital imaging systems, it will open the products to new worldwide markets and it brings more service support and development resources to E4D.

One feature that is really important to me is that the new scanners and other Planmeca systems will be completely open. That is the scans will be saved in standard formats which can be used by any lab, design software or milling device that is also nonproprietary.


E4D customers and patients will benefit from the combination of unique and innovative products and services offered by its new partnership with Planmeca. Planmeca is a global leader in many fields of dental technology, with a product range covering digital dental units, world-class 2D and 3D imaging devices and comprehensive software solutions.

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