Quick Take on Carestream Dental 3500

CS3500One case does not make a scientific study however I was greatly impressed with my one case.

With the aid of Dr. Michael Kelly I did a simple single unit posterior crown using the new Carestream CS Solutions CAD-CAM system. My three major takeaways comparing this system to CEREC.

It is an open system. For me this is HUGE. You can plug the capture camera into any sufficiently powerful computer and store the images on your server or in the cloud. You can then transfer the images to any lab that can accept a 3D impression.

No powder easy capture. The design of the camera allows you to rest it right on the dry tooth surface, and it gets good images with no powder. This makes the capture process much faster and easier than powder systems. Switching from the upper to the lower to the bite was easy with a button on the wand. Admittedly my experience is with Blue Cam, the Omnicam may be better, I just don’t know.

Software for dentists. I am a big tech geek and I still find the CEREC software hard to use. The Carestream Dental software was more intuitive, more forgiving and gave us a great proposal right off the bat.


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