Digital impressions and S-Ray

by Larry Emmott on July 14, 2016

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SRayFrom IDT

Digital Trays

For dentists who are skeptical of scanning with a wand versus using tried-and-true impression trays, S-Ray ( and Medentic ( are developing scanners that fit the full arch as traditional impression trays do.

“A handheld wand must be moved in very specific positions throughout the patient’s mouth to scan the full arch,” says Steve Baird, CEO of S-Ray. “This can take anywhere from 2 to 20 minutes. It could be a very pleasant experience or a very difficult experience for the patient.”

Source: A Lasting Impression | IDT |

The article outlines several digital impression options and the issues with dentists switching to a digital option. The S-Ray discussion is very interesting. I have been a fan of the concept of S-Ray but we have yet to see actual working clinical prototypes.

Another interesting tid bit from the article was an estimate that 10-15% of dentists have a charside milling machine.

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