Discus Dental Slashes Laser Pricing in North America

From my friend John Fluke’s blog. Like John I am a huge fan of diode lasers and the new NV from Discus looks to me to be a very cost effective and efficient product. I can’t help but remember┬áthe first diode I purchased in 1999 for $15,000 it was the size of a small dog and needed to be wheeled from room to room on a cart. Never the less I loved the technology and can not imagine being a dentist today without a diode laser.

Yesterday, I told you about the news of the acquisition of Zap lasers by Discus Dental. That was some interesting news for sure, but I've saved the best for last. Today's post is about the amount of money you can save now by purchasing a soft tissue laser

via John Flucke’s Dental Technology Blog: Discus Dental Slashes Laser Pricing in North America.

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Those are yours alright! . We at least need to get these people stealing images to start blogging! They probably just did a image search and grabbed them. They look good though!

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