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I have been harping on dental vendors to provide interoperable machines and data for years.  The following from E4D release seems to indicate they have taken a big step in that direction.

Interoperable systems would mean that I could use a Dexis sensor with Schick software and exchange the image with another dentist using Carestream (Kodak). It will also mean that I can scan a tooth with CEREC and send the image to any lab or CAD CAM machine. Until now that is has not been possible, however it looks like E4D has made a major move in this direction,

D4D Technologies announced the creation of a truly open network of chairside restorative solutions for patient treatment. The E4D Sky communication network enables E4D system operators to exchange case data via the internet with internal and external service providers, greatly extending the range of treatments they can provide their patients.

E4D Sky is supported by Henry Schein’s DDX (Digital Dental Exchange) and connects E4D systems running version 4.5 software with a variety of outsourcing options for restoration design and fabrication:

  • E4D Digital Services experts design, mill, or complete restorations, as well as make models or bridges
  • E4D Certified Laboratories offer a variety of services
  • Any third party provider can be sent an .stl open platform file

“E4D Sky takes the E4D system to the next level while supporting the launch of our E4D Solo scan only options. Operators will also be able to exploit the flexibility of the .stl open platform file export to access numerous other services with their scanned data,” said Glen Freeman, D4D Technologies. “

This also ties in with the release of the 3M True Definition scanner at the ADA meeting. The True Definition can be used with the E4D CAD CAM mill or as an impression device only.

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This is truly an exciting news! Truly integration and portability are always issues in dental industry. If somehow we can streamline the process, it will benefit both patients and dentist tremendously!

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