From app store to drug store, digital health is redefining pharma’s pipeline

by Larry Emmott on March 29, 2018

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From STAT:

Backed by a growing body of evidence, software is itself becoming a prescription for diseases ranging from depression to heart disease, and drug companies are starting to take notice. In the past couple years, many have quickly ramped up their investments in digital startups, infusing software-based therapies into pipelines once dominated by traditional medicines.

These products, known broadly as digital therapeutics, deliver treatment to patients through video games, smartphone apps, and sensors buried in pills or attached to medication dispensers. They are designed to stimulate changes in behavior — and in some cases brain function — to help patients control a variety of illnesses and chronic conditions.

Source: From app store to drug store, digital health is redefining pharma’s pipeline

Fascinating in several ways. First is that measurable therapeutic results are achieved through the use of behavioral apps. Second is that companies are looking to monetize and control these apps like drugs.

The entire “Healthcare Crisis” is really a cost crisis. Essentially all the problems with healthcare; access, insurance, denial of care and all the rest are the result of high costs. Anything that can reduce costs and keep outcomes high will help solve the crisis. At this time the best hope we have to do this is technology.

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