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Google to work with Johnson & Johnson on surgical robotics

soleaJohnson & Johnson will be responsible for the robotics and surgical systems while Google will provide expertise in areas such as machine vision, imaging and sensors,

via Google to work with Johnson & Johnson on surgical robotics – Modern Healthcare.

Currently surgical robots do not perform stand-alone surgery. They are used by a surgeon to do more precise work than is possible with the human hand.

However from a tech stand point if the surgeon is providing inputs for the machine there is no reason the surgeon needs to be in the room with the surgical robot. In theory the surgeon could be thousands of miles away tele-working.

Imagine a dental robot that examines the tooth structure for defects, using a system like the Canary, then using a precise digital system like the Solea Laser helps the dentist by removing only the bad tissue with tolerances of hundredths of millimeters.

When will we see this type of technology? We tend to overestimate change within the next year and underestimate the change in the next ten.

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