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Hybrid Machine Combines Milling and Additive Manufacturing

The future of dental CAD CAM


…parts produced through additive manufacturing almost invariably need machining as a follow-up step. Only the subtractive process can achieve the most narrow tolerances and smoothest finishes. Far from being opposite or competitive processes, additive manufacturing and CNC machining actually go together. They belong in the same machine.

via Hybrid Machine Combines Milling and Additive Manufacturing : Modern Machine Shop.

Additive 3D printing machines are amazing. There are already consumer versions on the market for around $2,000.  Compare that to the $60,000 price tag of a dental milling unit. As great as they are current additive machines do not have the precision needed for dental restorations. However a hybrid machine like the one linked above could be the answer. It could also be used for removable proth frameworks and longer spam bridges that are not possible with current milling devices.

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