If Hamlet was a Dentist would he use CAD-CAM?

To mill or not to mill that is the question.

For all kinds of reasons digital impressions are better than goo impression.  Until recently you only had two choices once you acquired a digital impression. You could design a restoration and mill it out in your office (CAD-CAM), or you could send the digital impression to a lab just like you used to send the goo impression.

Is that a problem? Not really the problem was that the machines that did these things could only do one or the other, not both and they don’t work together. As a dentist you would need to decide which system you wanted and then once you bought it for many many many thousands of dollars you were stuck with that choice.

There have been rather good arguments made for each solution, the point of this article is not to take a side but to eliminate the distinction.

Cerec will now sell you an acquisition system only. This gives you proven industry leading technology that you can use just to take impressions to send to the lab. Then if you decide sometime in the future to create your own restorations you can add on the milling machine.

One of the limitations of CAD-CAM has been its inability to make a multi unit fixed bridge. With the new system you can use the full CAD-CAM to make a one visit single unit posterior and to take a full mouth impression for a fixed three unit bridge to be sent to the lab.

To mill or not to mill? Tis nobler to combine and by combining end them.

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