Laser Observations

When I expanded my uses for the diode laser, I was amazed by the fact that patients never complained of post-operative discomfort. Most of the time they say they feel nothing the next day. Occasionally, they say their gum feels like it was scratched.

The other amazing result of my diode-laser use is that the tissue I cut heals exactly where I cut it because lasers are very precise. Contouring gingiva with a laser is like an artist sculpting a model-there is no swelling or shrinkage during the healing process. The doctor uses short, small strokes, almost like a painter, to remove layers of epithelia.

As a result, I can contour the gingiva with a laser, and on the same day, prep the tooth with a handpiece and then take an impression. I can accomplish all of these tasks in one appointment.

I could not practice dentistry without a laser.