3D Printing Theraputics

More Dental 3D Printing; EnvisionTEC

Our materials are designed for a range of applications, for example: Dental and Orthodontic Models (E-Model and E-Appliance) Castable Crowns, Bridges, Copings and Partial Denture Frameworks (Press-E-Cast, E-Partial, PIC 100 C) Direct Crowns and Bridges (E-Dent 400 has been approved for long-term use in Europe and up to one year of use in the United States) Bite Splints or Night Guards (E-Guard) Indirect Bonding Trays (E-IDB) Surgical Drill Guides (Clear Guide and E-Guide Tint) Flexible Gingiva Masks (E-Gum

Source: No. 1 in Dental 3D Printing | Clinically Approved | EnvisionTEC

Follow the link for an excellent overview of the state of the art with 3D printing in dentistry. EnvisionTEC is the current industry leader.

The dental machines use various resins to make splints, retainers, surgical guides and the rest. At this time most users are labs and orthodontists. However there are uses and machines for general dentists. In addition there are machines called bioplotters that actually print tissue. Bioplotters are not yet ready for dental use however the potential is amazing.

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