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Robotic health care is coming. How do you feel about that?

From The Conversation:

Robots can do a lot, but people don’t necessarily accept them in those new roles. A lot depends on how easy the robot is to interact with and the patient’s own views about new technology and the emotions they’re feeling, such as fear about an upcoming medical procedure.

A human-like robot can be more acceptable – but only if it’s not too similar to a real person, because the differences can seem creepy and unsettling. That can discourage people from trusting and interacting with the robot.

Another factor is the invasiveness of the surgery. Our research investigating patients’ willingness to undergo robotic dentistry found that the complexity of the procedure matters. Two-thirds of our respondents said they would not want a robot to handle an invasive procedure like a root canal; 32% said they would decline robotic cleaning and whitening.

However, price is a factor. When patients were told a robotic procedure would cost just half as much as one done by a person, 83% said they would accept a robotic cleaning and whitening.

Source: Robotic health care is coming to a hospital near you

The article lists several robots already in use in hospitals ranging in complexity from meal delivery to surgical assistant. It is worth a click and read just for that. The interesting part is the acceptance of robots by people. As expected there is a wide spectrum of acceptance depending on what is being proposed. People fear a malfunction.

Never the less I believe we will be seeing more robots in our future.