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The End Of Root Canals?

From Popular Science:

In in vitro testing, the fillings stimulated the proliferation and differentiation of stem cells into dentin, the bony tissue that forms the bulk of the tooth under the white enamel. The researchers believes that if used in a damaged tooth, those stem cells can repair the kind of damage that often comes from the installation of a filling. In essence, the biomaterial filling would allow the tooth to heal itself.

Source: The End Of Root Canals? | Popular Science

This has been featured in the ADA news and several popular press publications. Always with the headline “End of Root Canals”. Interesting that that is the hook journalists are using, it demonstrates the public’s perception of dentistry in general and root canals in particular.

More importantly it is another step toward bio-based filling materials. Of course once it is tested and available the insurance companies will still deny it and insist dentists fill teeth with mercury amalgam. Just sayin’.


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