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The Robotic Doctor is In

robodocIf the robot can take out a gall bladder it should be able to do a dental filling.

By 10 am the robot has already carved out an entire human organ.The patient’s gallbladder, riddled with infection, is gone, and in a darkened operating room at Boston’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, the machine is going back for seconds

via The Robotic Doctor is In – Popular Mechanics.

Read the article; robotic surgery is not new or future tech but is in fact already mainstream in some hospitals. For example they now do 90% of prostrate and kidney surgery with a robot.

The robot is not acting on its own but is controlled by human surgeons sitting a few feet away at a control panel.

In his distopic novel “Player Piano” Kurt Vonnegut describes a future society in which every human job has been eliminated by automation except dentistry. It seems the scientists and engineers just couldn’t find a way to make a mechanical dentist. Nice thought but it looks like robo-dentist is on the way.

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