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WAZER – the first desktop water-jet

Much of dentistry can be seen as a highly customized fabrication process. We make very specific unique custom made items such as crowns, bridges and dentures. We are just beginning to use new digital fabrication processes to replace the old systems. Really old systems such as lost wax casting which has been around for 5000 years or so.

In the past manufacturers could mass produce items at reasonable cost as long as the items were identical. Custom built items (like a crown fit to a specific tooth) took much more time and effort and were therefore expensive to produce. Digital technology allows for what has been called mass customization. Laser guided cutting,water-jet, CAD-CAM and digital additive printing are all examples of digital manufacture. These devices can be set to create a unique item quickly and cheaply compared to older systems which usually required hand made machined dies and other items.

The water-jet system linked below is a good example of new fabrication processes that manufacturers have been using for years. There is no current dental use for this but there could be. Inexpensive digital manufacture will revolutionize restorative dentistry.

Now there is a new option that is relatively affordable ($3999 pre-order, $5999 retail) and is sized for a smaller shop. The WAZER

Source: Introducing the WAZER – the first desktop water-jet | The Truth About Knives


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